Two beautiful wedding dress vendors set to be featured in Israeli wedding documentary

Two stunning wedding dressmakers have been selected to feature in a newly-launched documentary titled “Beautifully.”

The documentary, which is being produced by filmmaker Yossi Tziv, will be shot in Israel and will feature three wedding dress makers who are well known for their unique and sophisticated designs.

Among them are Lidu Yosso, an Israeli-born designer of gowns and accessories, and Avraham Barnea, a young Israeli designer and one of the countrys leading designers for the fashion industry.

The film will also feature a pair of Israeli bridesmaids who have made the headlines recently for their stunning wedding dresses.

Avraham Baruda and Yosser Tzivot, both 27, married last month and the couple have been widely covered by the media, with several magazines and newspapers featuring their wedding dresses and accessories.

While most of the attention has been on the bride, who has a stunning veil and a beautiful veil in the bride’s wedding dress, the two brides were also featured in a recent article in the Israeli daily Haaretz, which described them as a pair who “are also considered by some as the best brides in Israel.”

The two bridal designers, who were married in August at the Herzliya-Mikve Shalom Temple in the West Bank, are among several brides who have appeared in the recent documentary, according to Tzavi.

One of the brides, Liduz Yosef, an entrepreneur and designer from the northern city of Neve Leumi, who also works for a fashion company, was also featured on the documentary.

She and Tzil, who are both graduates of the Fashion Design School, have been known to design wedding dresses in their spare time.

Yosef told Haaretz that she has been thinking about her wedding dress for three years.

She had a hard time choosing a dress that was comfortable and easy to wear and a great quality.

She said she wanted to design a gown that was very traditional and a little bit of everything.

She also added that she wanted her wedding to be the most important wedding she has ever been a part of, as her parents are the primary breadwinners for the family.

She added that a big part of her motivation in designing her wedding gown was because she wanted it to be a way to thank her mother, who was a nurse in the hospital when she was born, for all the sacrifices she had made for her daughter and her family.

The bride’s father, Yossan Shilon, who is also a designer, said that he is a big fan of his daughter and is always amazed when she dresses her gowns in his name.

He said that she had never been asked for her name, but his wife is a name she does not want to forget.

He added that his daughter was also a great mother.

Yossa Baruda, a model who was also born in Neve, said she was always inspired by her mother and wanted to make sure that her daughter would have the same dream as her.

She also said that her mother always helped her to dress her dresses with the help of her designer husband, and that he was very supportive of her.

She said that during her pregnancy, she would work on her wedding dresses as soon as she got home from the hospital.

She went back to Neve once a week to sew and clean the gowns, and then she would send them to her mother for sewing.

The two designers also had to face some challenges when they were starting out in the industry, according and said that they have been in constant contact with the Israeli wedding industry.

They also said they have received invitations to some of the biggest weddings in Israel, which have included the country’s most prestigious event, the Israel Philharmonic Concert Series, and some of Israel’s biggest parties.

Tziven said that although they are always working hard, there are times when they are overwhelmed.

Tziven, a designer who has worked on many weddings, said he would not be able to attend any of the weddings he has been invited to attend.

He has also said, however, that he will be visiting Israel to attend some of its most prestigious events, such as the opening of a new hospital in Tel Aviv.

Tazvi Tzili, the founder of, a leading Israeli website specializing in weddings and bridal design, said it is a privilege to be able support the wedding industry in Israel.

“I love the beauty of the wedding dresses that are made in Israel,” he said.

“I believe that it is essential that all of us recognize the value of the industry and that we take pride in it.”


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