How to Read Female Webtoons: What You Need to Know Source Wired title A Female Web Toon is Better Than a Male Web ToON

Wired – It’s no secret that there’s a huge gender divide in the world of online porn.

But what’s more controversial is how those differences are viewed.

A new study, for instance, found that female porn stars are less likely to be portrayed as sexual objectified than their male counterparts.

The study, led by the University of Toronto’s David J. Dao, examined images from nearly 200 female porn films and found that the vast majority of female pornstars depicted as sexual objects were in fact in some way “gendered.”

The study was published on March 3 in the Journal of Sex Research.

Here’s how it breaks down: “While male porn stars have consistently been shown to be more sexually attractive than their female counterparts, this effect has been absent for female porn performers.

In fact, the reverse is true,” Dao and his co-authors wrote.

“There is no evidence that male or female porn actors have historically been shown in this way.”

Dao said the research was particularly interesting because, for the first time, he could directly compare the gender of female performers in a sample of 100 male and 100 female porn movies.

“The data suggests that the male porn industry’s approach to the portrayal of women is much more conservative than the male-female porn industry, in which many of the most popular female performers are portrayed as objectified,” he said.

The findings are based on a sample size of more than 300 female porn scenes from 2012-2014, which included a total of 1,957 male and 1,637 female scenes.

The analysis looked at two types of porn: ones that feature sex, and ones that don’t.

“We examined porn where women are sexually explicit, but the sexual content is not explicit,” Dax said.

“For example, if a woman is engaged in intercourse, the sex is not erotic, and it’s not sexual.”

For this study, the researchers focused on female porn videos where the men and women were actually shown engaging in sex.

In the majority of the porn, men were portrayed as having their partners penetrate them.

In one scene in particular, Dao’s team analyzed the women’s genitalia and saw that they were shown with “penis” and “vagina” and the like.

This led them to conclude that the majority, or at least most of the women in these porn scenes were not sexually objectified.

The same pattern was true for the men, too.

Dax explained that porn tends to be marketed as a “sexual” industry.

“It’s not a very sexy business,” he added.

“But what the industry has tried to do is not be sexually explicit at all.”

A study in 2014 by Pornhub found that of all the top 100 adult sites, there were more than 80% of the scenes where the main character has sex with a partner or has intercourse.

However, there was a clear gender divide.

While men were much more likely to see women as sexualized in their porn, women were significantly less likely than men to see them as objectifying.

The researchers say that the reason behind this disparity is that porn is a niche business.

“Many people are not going to watch porn for the same reason that they would not go to a nightclub: They are not familiar with it,” Duanz said.

But Dao believes that this trend could be changing.

“As more people are starting to become familiar with porn, there’s less stigma around sexualizing women in porn,” he explained.

“People are starting and starting to understand that there is more to it than just sex.”

Duanzer’s findings could be a tipping point for the industry.

For years, porn was viewed as a niche, and therefore dominated by straight men, and only one or two women.

But now, that demographic is starting to shift.

“With the rise of social media, we see that many people are beginning to understand the nature of porn,” Duc said.

Duan Zhao, an assistant professor of sociology at the University at Buffalo and the lead author of the study, said that the current trend toward more diverse porn shows that “there is room for improvement.”

Duc told Newsweek that there are ways to get more diverse pornography.

“I think it’s really important that the industry reflects more of the world, not just straight guys,” Duda said.

In addition to making the porn more diverse, the study found that women were also more likely than their men to be depicted as having sex with multiple partners, although that finding may have to do with how the porn industry works.

“These are two different things, but they do have one thing in common,” Dyer said.

When a woman masturbates, she’s actually stimulating the clitoris, which Dao thinks may explain why men have less interest in having sex.

“Women’s genitals are more easily stimulated


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