Black Beauty 101: The Most Common Mistakes you make when applying makeup

Black beauty is all about what you wear, what you put on, and how you look.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that you might make and why they’re a terrible idea.1.

You can’t stop the mascara you’re wearing.

This might sound obvious, but it’s so easy to do.

Put on mascara.

Don’t forget to put on the mascara and let it dry.

This is the most basic of all the steps.2.

It’s hard to put mascara on your eyes.

This mistake comes up a lot.

Make sure your eyes are not covered in mascara.

If your eyelashes are parted and you’re trying to put eyeliner on them, they should be completely covered in eyeliner.3.

The mascara on the corner of your eyes looks more like the eye of a mouse than a human.

Make up is your friend.

Makeup is just one of the things you should have in your makeup kit.4.

It takes a lot of effort to apply mascara.

Make this your new mantra.

Put your eyes on the mirror, look in the mirror to get the perfect shade, and apply mascara to your lashes.5.

You’re wearing mascara on all the corners of your mouth.

It is easy to put makeup on the corners, but not as easy as you think.

Try applying it on your eyebrows.

The formula is just a tad thinner on the top.6.

You need to use the same eye liner for each eye.

This happens in a lot more ways than just eyes.

Make eye shadow look like a regular lipstick.

For a quick, easy way to use eye shadow without a brush, try applying a thick, waterproof eye liner.7.

You use mascara to cover your eyes and eyebrows but leave your hair untrimmed.

Make it a habit to trim your hair as much as you can.

The longer you trim your head, the more the mascara will coat your hair and give you that little extra boost that you need to look natural.8.

You leave the mascara on for too long.

Don´t overdo it.

You should only use a tiny amount of mascara per eye.

Don`t forget to rinse it off before putting it on.9.

You put mascara in the wrong places.

Make a list of places to put your mascara.

It might seem like it’s hard, but you’ll get it down quickly.

Just remember that you can use the mirror if you need a refresher.10.

You don’t use enough mascara.

For those of you who are obsessive about your makeup look, this is another common mistake.

Don’t overthink it.

Put mascara on every corner of each eye, not just one corner.

It can feel like you’re doing a whole lot more than just putting mascara on one corner of an eye.11.

You just apply too much makeup.

You probably use too much mascara in a single day.

When you apply mascara, the mascara can build up on your lashes and create a patchy look.12.

Your eyes don’t look like you are applying makeup.

If you want to get a more natural, natural look, make sure your eyelids are not touching your eyeliner or the brush you’re using.

Make your eyes look as natural as possible.13.

You think you have eyeliner that will last.

This one is more common.

When your eyelid starts to fade, it might be because you don’t apply enough mascara or you’re applying it too thickly.

You might need to apply more mascara to get your eyelash to look the way you want it to.14.

You look fake when you’re not.

Look at yourself in the reflection of the mirror.

Don�t try to look like someone else.

You shouldn’t be looking at yourself and think, “That looks fake.”

Instead, think of yourself as you would look if you were looking at the mirror and trying to emulate that look.15.

You let your hair down too much.

Let your hair be long, loose, and unruly.

Hair can be a great tool to add length and definition to your face, but sometimes it can cause your hair to look messy.

You want to have hair that you don�t let go, but don�ts need to be overly-long.

Make hair that falls naturally in waves or that doesn�t fall in waves.16.

Your hair is too long or too loose.

This may seem obvious, so let me explain.

If there is a lot going on in your hair, your hair is going to look a little longer than it actually is.

This can be distracting and can make your hair look messy or out of place.

This doesn�T have to be your problem.

Hair is always a part of the makeup you use, so if you want the right length, it can be easier to put it in a different place.17.

You make it too long for your face.


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