This is what you need to know about the fourth ray

FourFourSeconds ago, we shared the latest news on the fourth rays of the rainbow.

Now we’ll get to the other side of the spectrum. 

The fourth ray is an unusual sight for those of us who don’t live in the UK.

The colour is the colour of the sea, with the light reflected from it appearing red.

However, it’s not the colour that really sets it apart.

It’s the way in which the light shines. 

When the light is reflected off a surface, it appears to be the colour blue.

That’s because it’s reflected from the surface at the same angle as the surface.

The reflected light bounces off the surface, and then reflects back again.

This cycle repeats until the surface becomes clear. 

The fourth rays have a slightly different colour to the red-orange we know as the moonlight.

They appear red because the light reflects off the light in the same way the light of a moon reflects off a rock.

That is, it is reflected from a surface at an angle of approximately 30 degrees to the direction of travel.

The fourth ray of the sky is the same colour as the third ray.

It appears the same because the reflection of the light from the fourth surface causes the light to be reflected off of the surface in the direction opposite to the path of travel of the reflected light. 

We can see the colour red in the fourth Ray, but we can’t see the red of the moon.

The moon does not appear to have a fourth ray because it is the only object in the sky that has a red-red colour. 

There are, however, other colours of light that appear red and that is the third Ray.

We have two of them in the spectrum, the fourth and fifth. 

What is the fourth wavelength?

 The first Ray is the one we can see with the naked eye.

It is the light we see at the very edge of the universe.

It has a wavelength of 3.6 kilometres (2 miles). 

The second Ray is also visible to the naked eyes, but it is not visible to us in the way the third and fourth Ray are. 

For most of us, the fifth Ray of the fourth is our only ray of light.

It will appear red. 

This means the fourth light ray is the redest light.

When you look at the third rays of your sky, you see what appears to look like a red dot in the middle of your screen. 

How do the fourth Rays differ from the fifth rays? 

The fifth ray is slightly different in wavelength to the fourth.

The fifth ray appears a little darker than the fourth because it has a shorter wavelength.

The third and sixth rays are also slightly different. 

Does the fourthray change colour?


We can only see the fourth in the colours we see.

We cannot see the fifth.

The difference between the colours of the fifth and fourth rays is that the fifth ray has a higher wavelength than the sixth ray.

This is because the fifth has a much longer wavelength, making it appear redder.

The sixth ray has only a lower wavelength than either the fourth or fifth.

So it is slightly lighter than either of the rays. 

In other words, the colour difference is that of the colours in the fifth light ray. 

But the fourth has a different wavelength to all the other rays.

The red light is actually reflected at a different angle than the light that reflects from the second light ray and then bounces off.

This means that when the third light ray appears, it reflects a red colour.

The second light rays of a fourth light Ray are reflected at the angle of the third one.

This makes them appear blue, rather than red.

But the thirdray is reflected at an even angle, making the fourth appear red instead of blue. 

Is it really possible for the fourth to appear to be red? 

It’s not.

This image is not a photograph, but a computer model of a rainbow.

This model was developed by the team of researchers from the University of Birmingham, Cambridge University and Imperial College London. 

They have built a model of the four rays of light using the same equations as the fourth one. 

Why do they do this?

The scientists have developed a computer programme that looks at all the four lights in the rainbow, and it compares them.

If a light is in the centre, the model predicts that it is red.

If it is in any other position in the model, it would be green.

If the model is wrong, it says the light should appear blue.

If there is no red light at the centre of the model it says that it should appear white. 

If you look closely at the model above, you can see that it predicts the red light to appear red in both cases. 

Are there any rules about what makes a ray of sunshine? 

There aren’t.

There are no laws about what happens when a ray is emitted. So there


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