I’m a new father with an ‘unexpected gift’

It was a cold March day in the small city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a young mother was having a baby.

She was pregnant with her second child.

She was in a rush, and she had to hurry, because her husband had a long trip ahead of him.

But after she delivered the first baby, the second one was born just three months later, with a healthy baby boy.

The new father had been trying to get a job and find work for several years, but he didn’t know what to do next.

He didn’t have a steady job and was stuck in a career he hadn’t tried.

“I’m very excited to have a baby and I’m not sure what to expect from him,” said the mother.

So the new father decided to help his friend out by doing some of the laundry for him, which he did with the help of his friend’s son.

It was a nice gesture and an opportunity for the newlyweds to bond, and it’s something he will always treasure.

And now the new mother and the new baby are ready to celebrate.

The mother and baby are getting ready to have their first kiss.

Watch: New mother and child in Thai family photoA few months later in April, the new husband of the new couple arrived home from work.

He had just been promoted to the position of sales manager at a company, so he had a lot of free time to spend with his family.

He wanted to take a quick nap and go back to his job.

After he went back to work, he realized that he needed to find work again.

So he took out a loan and borrowed money from his friend.

Now, his friend, who has a good job, is the breadwinner for their family.

But he also works part time and is still paying off the loan.

There’s no question that this has helped the newlywed couple.

But now that the baby is almost two months old, they are feeling the pressure of trying to make ends meet and paying off their debt.

When you are a new mother, you need a stable income to support your family, so it’s hard to find ways to support yourself, said the newly married couple.

But they are grateful to the help the bank and the friend gave them.

For one thing, they got to enjoy some fresh air and a fresh start.

Even though they are now in a new relationship, the couple has the support of their friends and the support from their new husband.

They are happy to share their story and share their hopes for their future.

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