How to look great on your wedding day

Beauty shop owners say the best way to look stunning at your wedding is to apply makeup and apply a colour. 

“We are all wearing makeup at some point in our lives,” says beauty shop owner and makeup artist Nika, who is married to fashion designer Peter.

Nika is married and also runs her own salon.””

The colour is something I would recommend, because the colour is the foundation of your face.”

Nika is married and also runs her own salon.

“It helps you to look flawless for the people you’re with and the people that are with you, but also for the ones you don’t,” she says.

I use the colour black because it’s the most basic colour and black is really easy to apply.” “

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to your look.”

I use the colour black because it’s the most basic colour and black is really easy to apply.

“Nila says she uses the colour to blend her makeup.”

Nika says black is the most popular colour at the shop. “

I put on one black eye shadow and a small black mascara.” 

Nika says black is the most popular colour at the shop.

“It gives you a really bold, vibrant look.

It’s really easy on the eyes.” 

“The black is also a great colour to wear because it shows off your skin,” says Nika.

“You can also wear it with other colours like orange or grey.” 

As you can see from Nika’s photos, she is not alone in applying makeup. 

When you’re applying makeup to your face, it’s not always easy to choose the right colour.

“There’s no right colour, it depends on your skin tone,” says makeup artist and makeup seller Aiden, who also owns a beauty salon in Sydney.

“If you’re very pale, then I would go with a very light shade of brown.

If you’re a bit more pigmented, I would like to use a very dark shade of dark brown.” 

Aiden says if you have dark skin, the right shade of black can be hard to find.

The more brown, the better,” he adds. “

For a little bit of fun, you could also wear a dark brown or grey, so it depends.”

The more brown, the better,” he adds. 

Aidan says it can be a challenge to find the right type of black for you.”

But you know what, if you do have dark, it can definitely help.

“A lot of people, they have a lot more pigmentation on their skin, so you can definitely use a lighter shade of the colour.” 

For more on how to look fabulous in the wedding dress, check out the video above.


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