How to make the most of a japanESE beauty spot

As Japan heads towards the end of a decade, many of the country’s iconic sights are set to close, leaving many to wonder what might replace them.

The country is now in the process of setting aside money to preserve its beauty and culture, with one of the most expensive beauty spots in the country, The Gugudan Park in Nagoya, set to shut down on March 23, 2019.

But one of Japan’s most iconic beauty spots is going to be left alone. 

“A lot of people have been searching for the place for years and we hope that the park will survive the closure of the area,” said Mitsuru Takahashi, the chief executive officer of the Nagoya Metropolitan Government. 

She hopes to use the park’s location as a temporary shelter for people looking for work or work-related activities.

The park was once home to a variety of Japanese artisans, who were known to paint on clay walls and work in a variety and diverse styles. 

Takahashi said the park had been used as a work space for Japanese artists for many years, and now was a perfect spot to showcase their work. 

 “There is an exhibition of Japanese artist paintings on display at the park, and we have a small gallery of about 40 artists,” she said. 

The Guguban Park, located at the corner of Koga and Oya Streets, is a popular destination for visiting foreigners and locals alike.

It’s popular with Japanese tourists who can stroll around and enjoy the park and its surrounding area. 

According to the park director, Takahashiro, the area has attracted over 60,000 visitors since it opened in 1995, but the number of visitors has steadily declined over the years. 

In 2014, the park hosted a major festival with over 50,000 people attending, and Takahasu told the Kyodo News that in 2020, attendance will be around 30,000. 

However, Takayasu told Kyodo that the number will only increase.

“Our goal is to attract new visitors to the area, but we can only increase the number if we have the support of the public,” she added. 

Some locals in the area have expressed concern over the park closure.

“I have never been to the Gugugan Park and am worried about the closure,” said Nanae, a resident of Nagoya.

She was surprised to learn that the area would be closed, since the area is considered one of Nagasaki’s most popular attractions.

“I want to come to the station and visit the park but because it’s so popular I can’t even get to the train station. 

But I also hope that I can come to other places in Nagasaki and enjoy them too,” Nanaea said.

The park director said the idea was to preserve the area as an art gallery, but some residents were not happy with the plan.

“We have heard the concerns from residents and I hope that we will come up with a solution to protect the park from the closure and visitors,” she explained.


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