How to draw a face without using your face to draw it –

Posted November 07, 2018 07:50:47 With every passing year, we get a glimpse of more and more incredible creations on the web.

With a bit of creativity and a bit more patience, you can turn your favourite photo or drawing into a unique, detailed and beautiful creation.

Let’s look at how to make a simple face with just your fingers and a simple brush.


Make your own face You may already be familiar with how to create a simple, simple-looking drawing by hand.

In fact, this process can be done with most modern digital tools and even your old-fashioned pencil and paper.

But how about with a digital drawing tool that can do the job?

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll just use a simple drawing tool.

You can create a face using your favourite digital drawing software, Photoshop or Illustrator.

If you don’t have a good-enough drawing program, this is a great time to look into one like Paint.


Select your eyes The first thing to do is to select your eyes.

You’ll want to get your eyes nice and clear, since that’s what you’ll be using for your face.

Once you have your eyes selected, click on your toolbars icon (located in the upper right corner of the screen) and select “Make Eyebrows”.


Make a face mask This is a handy feature to have, as it will allow you to make your face look just like the one you want it to.

To make a mask, first select your face tool and make sure that you have a mask selected.

Then, in the same menu bar, select “Shape Mask”.

The “Shape” menu will be the one that will appear.


Select the “Make Face Mask” button Make sure that “Make Mask” is selected and then click on “Make mask”.


You should now have a new mask that you can make your eyes look like, by using your eyes as the eyes.


Create your face mask Let’s get started.

First, select the mask that we just made and then hit the “Shape mask” button.


Choose a colour for your eyes This will be important, as you need to use a neutral colour to match your eyes colour.

For our eyes, we chose blue and for our face, we went with pink.


Make the eyes in a blur to create the effect of the eyes being “blurred” together The first step in making your mask is to blur your eyes by moving your eyes around a bit.

This is important, since you need the illusion that your eyes are looking at each other when they’re not.

When you’re making your eyes, make sure they’re still in the “Blurred” mode and make a note on your sketchpad.

Now, add a little blur to your eyes and move them to the “Out of Blurred” position.


Use your brush to draw your eyes When you’ve added a little bit of blur to the eyes, let’s draw them in the colour that you want them to be.

Select a black brush, then add a small stroke in the middle of the line that is going to be your “blur”.


Use a dark line for your eyelashes To create a blur effect, draw a line that’s a little longer than your eyes so that you get the illusion of the eyelashes being “out of blur”.


Now add a line of eyelashes and add a shadow to the top edge of the mask.


Fill in the rest of your mask using your eye-blur effect Let’s make our mask look more like a face, so we’ll make a small line of eyes in the shadow of the lips.


Select all your other shapes to add a “belly” to your mask.


Make sure your mask now looks like the face we want it look like 15.

Start drawing your face again with your eyes still drawn in the blur line The mask now has a few details that we’ll need to fix before we can draw a proper face.

We’ll first need to add the eyes to the mask, and then we’ll add a tiny line of black eyelashes.


You will notice that the mask now doesn’t have an eyelash shape that we want.

This can be fixed by adding a small black line to the bottom of the “Belly” line, then moving the black line a little further out to the side.


We need to fill in the mask with some black eyelash shadow, so select a black pencil and use the pencil to paint a little black line on top of the black eyelashed line.


We can then add the rest, starting with the mouth and moving on to the eyebrows.


Now we’re ready to draw the face.

To start, make a selection for your “B” tool and then move it down to the point that the line is drawn


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