How to make a beautiful flower photo gallery

If you have a few precious flowers to hang on your wall, then you know how much I adore my beautiful flowers.

But, it can be challenging to find beautiful, high-quality flower photos for your wall.

So, I created a simple way to make gorgeous flower photos on my Instagram account that I’ve been using for years.

I use a simple but powerful technique to convert a stock photo into a beautiful, beautiful flower.

I’m sharing this with you now, so you can use it in your own photos, too.

First, I take a stock image, and then I take the stock image’s dimensions.

In this example, I took a 1-inch wide stock image and converted it into a 1.25-inch tall flower.

If I took the original image and stretched it to fit the flower, I’d get this:And then I cut the flower in half.

I used Photoshop’s Transform tool to make the flower more round.

In my image, I chose the square shape that would give the flower its rounded appearance.

I then took that shape and scaled it down to fit my flower.

Then I added a small border around the flower to make it look smaller.

To make it more aesthetically pleasing, I applied a few subtle adjustments.

I added an extra bit of contrast, then darkened the edges of the flower.

It looks like this:I then made a small rectangle of white paint and applied it to the flower square.

I placed the white paint on the flower and traced it into the wall.

Then, I painted a border around it.

I also added a little bit of a background to make sure the flower didn’t stand out.

I think that helps it stand out and look more like a flower than a stock picture.

I then went back and drew the flower over the border of the photo.

I used the Color Picker tool to pick a color that matches my flower, and I created an Adjustment Brush.

I applied the Adjustment Tool to the flowers outline, then added a few lines to make them stand out more.

Then made the color match the color of the background.

This gives it a nice, rich, and saturated look.

Now, the final step was to paint the flower with a glossy coat of glossy paint, and apply it to a wall.

If you’re not using a wall, you can just paint a surface over the flower like this.

I made a large rectangle of glossy white paint to cover the flower as well.

I went over the entire flower, then I painted some small strokes along the top of it.

It’s just a little, subtle line here and there to give it a little shine.

Now that I have a flower photo, I just need to apply it on the wall, and let it dry.

I painted the walls white, and covered the entire wall with the white wall paint.

Once the white spray dries, I can apply the glossy paint over the top.

You can use the same technique to add your flowers to your wall with a few simple tools.

For more inspiration, you could try making your own flowers, and seeing how beautiful they look on a wall that you can hang on a nail, or even paint it onto a piece of furniture.


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