Are you beautiful?

Beautiful Sky Beauty Supply has announced that it will be selling its products at its sister brand Jenny’s Beauty Supply at the same time, after the two companies had been working together for over a year.

The company’s CEO, Jenny Lee, told reporters that she hoped that the move would be beneficial to both companies.

“We are proud to be partnering again with Beauty Supply and hope that this will be beneficial for our business, both as an independent retailer and a part of the beauty industry as a whole,” she said.

“It is important to me that we both continue to work together as a team.” 

Jenny Lee, Beauty Supply CEO and co-founder Source: Instagram Jenny’s Beauty Supplies launched in September 2016 and now has stores in the US, UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

In addition to the two stores, it also has its own beauty supply line. 

The two companies have been working for a while to create a joint business, and in October, Beauty Supply started selling some of its products through Jenny’s. 

“We had a good partnership going from Jenny’s, which has a lot of beauty products, to Beauty Supply.

We’ve always wanted to be part of a larger beauty supply chain, and this was the first step in that direction,” Lee said.

The new partnership is being hailed by beauty experts as a win-win for both businesses. 

Lydia Lazzari, a beauty expert at Beauty Academy, a trade publication that focuses on beauty, said that while the two beauty supply companies share the same mission, Beauty is more focused on helping women find their perfect skin tone. 

She said that Beauty Supply had been trying to expand its product offerings for a long time and now that it has, the two will be able to focus more on the products they already sell. 

Jill O’Connell, an associate professor at the University of California at San Diego, said Beauty Supply’s mission is not to be a beauty retailer.

“Beauty Supply is about beauty, and Beauty Supply is not about beauty,” O’Connor said. 

Beauty Supplies also has a product line that has been expanding. 

In October, it launched a new beauty supply company called Jilax, which sells a range of products. 

While it will not be selling directly to the Beauty Supply chain, Beauty’s sister company will still be selling some products from its own website. 

Lee said that Jenny’s has been the most successful company in the beauty supply industry. 

But she also said that the beauty world was changing. 

For example, she said, a lot more people are looking for products that are non-stick, and so that’s where Beauty Supply will focus its efforts. 

According to Lee, she hopes that Beauty Suppers future partnership with Jenny’s will also help to help women find the products that they really need.

“I really believe that beauty products are going to be more affordable and more accessible for women in the future,” she added. 

This story has been updated to include information from Beauty Supply, which is not a part-owner of Beauty Supply


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