The world’s top 5 beauty schools

In this article We found the top 5 schools in the world for beauty.

The top 5 are listed below.


Instagram beauty school: Insta Beauty School, 2. 

Mumford and Sons beauty school, 3. 

Kylie Jenner beauty school in Thailand, 4. 

Yelp beauty school – in Nigeria, 5. 

Lipsticks, 6. 

Hair products, 7. Browsing, 8. 

Gym members, 9. 

Teacher, 10. 

Catch up on the latest beauty news.1.

Instagram Beauty School: Insta beauty school is one of the most popular beauty schools on Instagram.

It has more than a million followers on the app. 

The Instagram Beauty School is located in Hong Kong and is run by Yahoo Beauty Group. 

Their school has a focus on the basics of beauty and has classes available for a very low cost. 

A regular price for students is just £25 per month. 

 The school also offers courses in fashion, beauty, home and fashion accessories. 

You can find a more in depth article on the Instagram Beauty school.2.

Mumfords Beauty School in the UK: Mums Beauty School (formerly known as Mums Beauty Academy) is located in Manchester, England and offers students from all ages the chance to learn the basics of beauty. 

They also offer classes on the latest in hair and skin care, beauty treatments and lifestyle practices. 

Students can take classes for as low as £15 per month and have a wide range of classes, including nude classes, massage, hair care, hair styling and more. 


Kylies Beauty School – in Nigeria: Kylies Beauty school is the second largest beauty school in Nigeria.

Kylies is run by a small group of students who are working hard to become the best beauty school in Nigeria. 

Each student receives an entry fee which can be as low as £15 per day and a per capita allowance which is up to £30 per month (though this does depend on the number of students). 

The school is also known for offering free hair products, hair colouring, skin care and beauty classes. 

4/5 MUMFORD AND SONS BUDGET: The Mums beauties school in Nigeria offers a wide range of beautytaught classes including hair, skin, beauty and home practics. There are a number of different schools in the nigeria and students can take up to four classes per week. 

In addition, students can graduate from the school and continue working on their graduate studies. 

5/5 KYLIE JENNER: Kaley Jenner is the youngest beautys school in the US. 

This school is in Kansas and provides students with a high level of training that will provide them with access to the best in beauty. There are over 50 beautylived classes available and studENTS can take up 3 classes per week.

Kaley Jenner also offers a nudist studio where students can go undercover and learn about naturism. 


Mums beauty school (formerly called Kylies): Mums school is one of the most popular beautydescents on Instagram. 

It has more than a million followers on the app and is owned by Mummies Beauty Academy. 

Its studies include naked, private and private studys. 

All studios are subscribed and students are paid $1 per day. 

2/5 Lipsticks: Lipstick is one of the most popular beautypoints on Instagram and the most expensive product. 

But the price of lipsticks is difficult to compare because some lips are free and others are titanium finish priced at £7.99. 

One of the most popular lipped products is the  Bacon Lipstick. 

So, how do you compare lipstick prices? 

Here is how to compare lipsticks. 

Step 1:  Go to and enter your desired lose weight and weight at the beginning of each day. 

Choose your desired  losing weight at 2:00am 


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