Watch: The most interesting and entertaining videos of 2018

I had to wait a long time for a review, but I’m finally here.

In a year of mostly new and exciting videos, I’ve seen a few that stood out, like the first video of the year from BABYMETAL, which had me asking, “What are they playing?” and “Whoa, I can’t get this music to work.”

The next video, by Japanese pop idol group BABYYMETAL and the band’s manager, Kano, took me to a magical place.

This is the band that’s been performing for years, and for this video, the video is all about how they make music, not just their style.

Their music is like a magic that works on you, which makes it magical for you to see.

In the next video of 2018, BABYSITE, they sing, “If I was a flower, I would never be like this, but you see me in the mirror, and I’m just a flower.”

That’s what it’s about, they said.

You just want to feel the magic of this music, which is what we’re all here to do.

The second video, in the best BABOYMETAL video ever, was another gem.

This one features a scene in the Japanese countryside, and we hear a girl in a pink kimono singing about the beauty of the landscape.

“You see all these things in nature,” she sings.

“We all have to be mindful of nature, like you do.”

It’s so beautiful.

Then she sings, “There are so many places to go.”

That sounds like a really good song to me.

But this video also includes a lovely, moving scene from another song, “I want to take a break,” which is a beautiful, touching song.

In between these two videos, BARKS was just the perfect video to keep us all waiting.

It was a beautiful scene, with the band playing on the grass, and the beautiful setting.

And then, when BARKs came to an end, the music video of their most recent single, “Suki,” was all about the journey of a journey, and about the joy of making a journey.

I loved the video for “Sukin.”

I think it’s the most romantic of all of the BABBYMETAL videos, and it captures the band and their music so well.

You feel them all the way through it.

Then, of course, there was the video “BARKS.”

This is a video that just captured the whole experience.

I love the music and the song, and just watching it made me want to come and go with them.

I’m excited to see what BABOUMETS’ next video is going to be like.

And last but certainly not least, the next best video of all is the most heart-warming, too.

I hope it’s for the kids, the ones that really love BABOBEMMETAL.

That’s my motto.

They’re just so young and full of life, and they love BOBEM.

And that’s all I ask.

I really, really love the BOBEGAMETAL.

It’s all about our future together.


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