When Huda Beauty Paints Herself Beautiful

When Hula Beauty Painted Herself Pretty (and Not-So-Pretty) She Didn’t Just Create a Beautiful, Beautiful-looking Pout.

She Used Her “Beauty” to Make People Feel Beautiful.

And Not Just For Herself, but For Everyone Around Her.

In a video interview with ABC News, Huda describes how she painted herself beautiful and how she learned to embrace it.

And it’s not just Huda’s face that gets painted — it’s also the rest of her body.

She says, “I’m a lot of people who say I’m not a beauty.

But I’m a person, I’m an inspiration, I am a person who has beautiful skin and beautiful skin tones.”

She even used the word “beautiful” to describe herself.

In addition to her “pretty face,” she painted her lips, neck, hands, eyebrows and underarms with “beauty paint” and a mask.

The masks, which Huda said she bought for $3 at Walmart, cost about $40.

She also got a paint brush that she uses for making her own nail art.

“I can make it look like a natural smile, I can make a face look like I’m smiling,” she says.

And she even uses it to create fake eyelashes.

“It’s like you put it on your face and you take it off and you’re looking at your eyelashes,” Huda says.

“You can see them because the mask is not too thick, so you can actually see what the eyelashes are.”

Huda paints her face with “perfectly natural” pigments, and she says she’s been using “beautifully” natural-looking lip balms since she was 6 years old.

Huda is also the owner of a beauty supply company, Hula.com.

She has about 200 makeup brushes, makeup brushes and masks, and the company’s website features videos of her making her makeup look like the real deal.

And her “beautified” face is no different.

“Every day I try to use natural beauty products and to have a beautiful, healthy lifestyle,” Hula says.

Her website even features a “natural” video of her “pouring a face cream” on herself, and it’s been viewed more than 4 million times.

In fact, Hada says, she got so much traffic from the YouTube video that she was able to make it into an advertisement for her products.

In the ad, Hina and her husband, Mimi, share stories about their lives.

Mimi says, “[Huda] always says she would not be doing what she is doing if she didn’t love herself.”

Hina says she has always loved her husband.

“And when I first saw the video of me and Mimi and I making our own makeup, I thought, wow, I would love to do this, too,” she said.

“That’s what I always want to do.”


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