‘My son is an agony’: Mum ‘is terrified’ after son’s death

Posted November 12, 2018 12:02:16 A mother and father from Victoria have described how they are “horrified” after their son’s fatal injuries.

Christine Stokes said her son’s injuries had left her “angry and scared” and her “heart is broken”.

“I’m going to keep on fighting, I’ll keep on trying to get my son back, but I’m terrified and it’s just so difficult,” Ms Stokes told ABC Victoria.

“I just don’t know how to explain it.”

Ms Stoke said her family had been unable to talk to their son, who was a student at Melbourne University, for about two months after he was struck and killed in March 2018.

“He was a wonderful person, he was a very good person,” she said.

Victoria’s coroner says a coroner’s inquest is “urgently needed” to find out what happened to her son Michael Stokes, who died after being struck by a car in March. “

We had so much to look forward to, he had so many opportunities, and he was just a brilliant kid.”

Victoria’s coroner says a coroner’s inquest is “urgently needed” to find out what happened to her son Michael Stokes, who died after being struck by a car in March.

Police have not commented on the death.

Mr Stokes’ mother Christine Stoke has been unable “to talk to him for two months” after her son was struck by the car in Melbourne’s CBD.

She said her husband, a teacher at the school, and her daughter were at home when they noticed their son was missing and asked her to check on him.

“My son was an agony,” Ms C Stokes says of her son.

“His heart is broken, his whole world is shattered, it’s devastated and he’s just devastated.”

The coroner has not yet ruled on whether Mr Stokers death was a homicide or suicide.

The case was referred to the coroner by the Victoria Police Service’s Integrated Homicide Investigation Team.

The family have contacted the Victorian Coroner’s Court, the Victorian State Coroner, the State Government and the Victorian police.

“As we wait to hear what the coroner’s findings are, we are in shock,” Ms M Stokes added.

The Victorian Police Service confirmed it was assisting the family with their inquiry, and the Victoria Government has offered assistance.

The NSW Police Force has also offered assistance, the police have been informed, and it is hoped they will take a lead from the Victorian coroner’s office.

Ms Stoker said the family had taken the case to the Australian Federal Police and the Coroner for their advice.

“They told us they are going to take it very seriously,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“The police are working hard and they will come to the conclusion.”

“I hope that the Coroners Office in Victoria, and hopefully the police, and I hope the State Coronals Office will come forward with any information that they have.”

The Coroner is not yet releasing the results of the coroner inquiry, but a spokesperson said it was “urgent” to determine what happened.

“A full coronial inquest is currently underway to determine the cause of death and to make recommendations to assist the family,” the spokesperson said.

The coroner will issue a report within 30 days of the completion of the inquest.

What you need to know about coronial inquests: The coronial inquiry will be led by the coroner, who will make recommendations for the Government, and will also conduct an investigation of whether the Coronial Tribunal is a “good and appropriate” forum to conduct a coronial investigation.

The inquest will be conducted by a special taskforce, and a report on the investigation will be submitted to the NSW Government.

It will be published in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly’s Legislative Record.


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