How to get a killer makeup look without makeup in the ’90s

It’s hard to believe, but for decades, makeup was the only way to look good.

Now, it’s getting more affordable, and there’s a whole slew of new products available to help make it easier to achieve the perfect look.

Here’s a guide to all of them, and if you’re like us, you’re already looking for the perfect foundation for a new makeup look. 


MAC Blusher Powder, $21.99 A classic, creamy powder. 


Benefit Colorstay Liquid Eyeshadow Palette, $35.99 The Benefit ColorStay Liquid Eyeliner Palette is a must-have for any makeup fan, but if you want a more neutral look, it also comes with a foundation brush and powder.3.

MAC Primer Potion, $12.99 A liquid-type primer that’s perfect for any skin tone. 


MAC Concealer Duo, $29.99 Makeup artist and makeup expert Michelle Hensley shares her secret to applying concealer and highlighting. 


Makeup Revolution Duo, Sephora-exclusive, $24.99 This is one of the more affordable foundations, but it also features a powder brush and liquid-like primer. 


Sephova Super Matte Foundation, $38.99 These foundations aren’t cheap, but they do come with a bronzer brush and a powder foundation. 


MAC Lipstick Duo, Lipstick, $22.99 Lipsticks are a staple of any makeup look, but the MAC Lipsticks Duo comes with an angled brush and two foundation brushes. 


MAC Highlighter Duo, Liquid, $15.99 If you’re looking for a more dramatic highlighter look, you can get a matte finish with MAC’s Liquid Highlighters Duo. 


MAC Powder Duo, Powder, Liquid $14.99This foundation is a little pricier, but MAC is a fan of liquid powder foundations, so it comes with two brushes and a formula. 


MAC Liquid Eye Shadow Duo, Foundation, Liquid Eyebrow Duo, Eyeshadows, $11.99 You’ll find this foundation in a $11-ish range, but we like the color and formula of this foundation.11.

MAC Colorstay Luminous Lipstick in Red, $16.99 This lipstick comes in a medium-dark shade that’s pretty cool. 


MAC Eyeshade Duo, Blush, Blushes, $25.99 We love the matte finish of this lipstick, but its not the best shade for neutral eyes. 


MAC Glossier Duo, Glossier, Glow, $19.99 Glossier is a super duper-priced, low-brow foundation, but there are lots of other shades to choose from. 


Benefit Eye Pencils, $9.99 For a highlighters look, we think Benefit’s Eye Penciller Duo is the way to go. 15. 

MAC Glossier Liquid Eye Shadows, $18.99 Another affordable foundation that comes with one brush and one formula.


Benefit Concealer Blush Duo, Concealer, Concealer Duo, Brow Pencil, Brow pencil, $20.99The Concealer Blend Duo is one in a line of foundations, including the concealer Blush and Concealer Lipstick. 


MAC Creamy Bronzer Duo, Bronzer, Bronzier, Bronzers, Bronzing, Bronzes, $14, $17.99 MAC Cream Bronzer Liquid Eyeflash Duo, Cream Eyeshader, Bronner Eyeshades, Bronzeblocks, Bronzed Eyeshaves, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, $13, $28.99If you’re a fan the sheer glossy feel of MAC Bronzer or the bronzer-free shades of MAC Powder, you should definitely check out MAC Glazing Duo, which is a bit pricier than its MAC Bronzers. 


Sephora Beauty and Beauty Blog, $10.99A must-try for a bold, high-end look, Sephioras Beauty and Cosmetic Blog comes in at $10 for a wide range of products.


MAC Mineral Powder Duo in Gold, $31.99MAC Mineral Powder is a more affordable version of MAC Mineral, but comes with both a powder and liquid formula.20.

MAC Skin Lotion in Light, $8.99These products are great for getting the skin look you want, but you may want to save some money for a foundation or powder.


MAC Face Blush in Light Gold, Brow Palette , $7.99For a bold look, MAC FaceBlush is a great option.


MAC Eye Shadow in Light Silver, Brow, Browcil, Eyedropper, Eye Pen, $7, $23.99Here’s


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