‘Beautiful Crazy’: A new look at the beauty industry, from beauty queens to fashion designers to beauty parlors

By now you’ve probably seen a lot of images from the “Beautiful Madness” Instagram post by the brand “Beautifully Crazy,” the first of which featured the caption, “This was a lot more of a party than a photoshoot.


The caption is a reference to the popular photo sharing app Instagram, which has been criticized for being a glorified Instagram for self-aggrandizement.

The images show women posing with different makeup products in various poses, and then sharing their makeup tutorials with the caption “This is what a beautiful crazy look looks like.”

The posts have sparked some controversy among fans of makeup, with many calling them “disgusting” and “offensive” and calling out the company for selling products like eyeliner that are designed to look fake, which are considered illegal.

However, the brand has defended the posts, stating that they were meant to be fun and entertaining, and that they are not promoting or endorsing any products.

The post has drawn criticism from fans and some celebrities who say the images are “disrespectful” and that the company should be ashamed of the images.

But for others, it has drawn a lot less attention, with Instagram’s CEO Jack Dorsey claiming in a statement to Business Insider that the posts were meant as a way to promote beauty and “provide an example of what is possible.”

“We’re very proud of our community and are constantly updating the Instagram app to make it even better,” Dorsey said.

“We believe in using the platform to engage with and inspire the people who use it the most.”

The beauty industry is not the only one that has received criticism over the photos.

Last week, Instagram was criticized after a “Beauty Crazy” post featuring photos of women posing naked in front of makeup boxes sparked outrage.

The company apologized and released a video to address the backlash, saying it was not responsible for the content and that it was being taken down because it violated its terms of service.

Some beauty bloggers are calling for an apology from the company, as well.

“I’m not against makeup but people shouldn’t have to do it,” one beauty blogger, Lola, wrote on Twitter.

“This kind of stuff happens to everyone, but especially the women.”

A rep for Instagram did not immediately respond to BusinessInsider’s request for comment on the Instagram posts, but the company has faced criticism in the past for advertising products that are illegal in many countries.

Last year, Instagram banned “Beauties in the Kitchen,” an Instagram beauty product that was marketed as a product that could help reduce sun damage.

The brand did not remove the Instagram post, and Instagram CEO Mike Schroepfer defended the post, saying the company was not promoting any products and that there were “beautiful people in every place” that made the products available to users.

“Beautiful crazy is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on Instagram,” Schroepf said at the time.

“I mean, it’s crazy and we’re proud of it.”

The company has also faced criticism for advertising “Beautify,” a product designed to help prevent the spread of a rare and highly contagious skin condition called psoriasis, that is linked to a variety of diseases, including melanoma.

In the past, Instagram has faced accusations that it failed to properly vet its product line and that some brands and artists were not adequately compensated for their work.


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