What if the NFL were to embrace Instagram?

The NFL and its owners, who own a majority stake in the league, are looking to expand its reach on social media.

Instagram, the most popular social media app in the world, is now worth about $8 billion.

The league, which is worth more than $1.5 billion, plans to use its platform to reach new fans and grow its revenue.

It is also looking to improve its product and build out its content in a bid to become more accessible to consumers.

But as the NFL continues to struggle with declining ratings and fans are increasingly switching over to apps like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, it is starting to realize how much work it still has to do to keep up.

The NFL is looking to build a bigger picture, one that focuses on how fans interact with the league.

In the last decade, the NFL has invested more than half a billion dollars into its product, with $1 billion coming from the league’s TV contracts and the other $1,000 million coming from sponsorship deals.

It also has a multi-million-dollar stadium deal with the city of New Orleans, which was recently expanded.

But those are just the ones that are available to the public.

The rest of the money, which goes to player salaries, contracts and other expenses, is mostly earmarked for the league to fund its digital initiatives.

In a new report released Tuesday, the Sports Business Journal, a sports business publication, argues that the league should consider investing in more ways to improve the user experience.

Its plan would include a dedicated Instagram account for the general public and a more visible app that would include videos, analytics and other tools that could be used to inform fans about the game.

The app could also be used by fans to access live streams and news about the team.

“What we’re proposing is that we invest in more things that are relevant to the fan experience,” said Todd DeBoer, the sports business editor for the sports website The Undefeated.

“For instance, we would add a dedicated Snapchat account to the team that could potentially be used for player interaction, such as when they’re out on the field, what’s happening on the sidelines, and the like.

It could also provide a real-time feed of game highlights.”

The team’s social media presence could also help in attracting new fans, since the team is not able to sell out stadiums.

According to the NFL, it has spent about $6.6 billion on advertising, sponsorship and ticket sales over the last two years, a significant portion of which has come from the game of football.

The plan also calls for expanding the app’s reach and creating a new video series for fans.

“It’s not going to be easy, but we think we’re going to find a way to make the product better for the fans,” DeBoers said.

“I think we have a very good opportunity to do that.”

The plan is one that has been discussed by the NFL for years.

“We would love to have a dedicated digital team that would be able to take advantage of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and provide the most authentic fan experience possible,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in an email.

“The NFL’s Digital Network would be a perfect vehicle for that mission.”

The NFL has spent more than four years and $5 billion on digital marketing, but the league has struggled to turn a profit.

The average NFL revenue has declined from $1 to $6 billion a year in the last four years.

The team also recently announced it was reducing its television revenue from $300 million to $200 million, citing a lack of demand for its games on television.

While the league will not be able at this point to fully eliminate its television expenses, the league is working on an approach that would allow it to cut down on its advertising revenue.

In an effort to attract more fans, the team has launched a new program that will give fans the opportunity to buy season tickets to a game.

A new program will also offer season tickets for $10.

A portion of the proceeds will go to the National Football Foundation, which supports the work of the NFL Players Association.

“These are exciting times for our fans,” McCarthy said.

The program, which will begin next season, will give NFL fans the chance to pay $10 each for a year’s tickets.

The first season ticket holders who buy a season ticket will receive a digital pass that gives them access to video clips and live feeds that will allow them to follow along with players on the sideline during the game, and to learn more about the players and their team.

The next season ticket holder will also receive a pass that will let them see and share highlights of the games, as well as a chance to meet the team’s players and other players.

“This program will give our fans an opportunity to connect with players and players’ families,” McCarthy added.

“They can also watch highlights and interact with their favorite players in real time on Instagram and Facebook, and they will also be able share their thoughts


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